Arlington High School - 4825 N. Arlington Ave. Indianapolis, Indiana 46226
Arlington High School - 4825 N. Arlington Ave. Indianapolis, Indiana 46226

This site is dedicated to the class of 1965,
The first four-year graduating class of
Arlington High School, Indianapolis, Indiana.


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From frantic frosh to sophisticated seniors, we were part of Arlington – all the way!
(originally written in 1965 by Nickie Fleener and Paul Hornbeck)


During the first hectic week of school in the fall of 1961, we were not the only members of the student body who wandered through the corridors searching for classrooms, for all of us along with the school building itself were “freshmen.”  Helping to form the student council, we also joined with the upperclassmen in enthusiastically backing our young athletic teams.
Nancy Nahmias, along with two upperclassmen, submitted the name ACCOLADE, chosen for our yearbook.  Janice Brown became our first member of royalty as we honored our first “homecoming” court.


1962-63:  Second –Year Sophs Create Sparkling School Spirit
With a year’s experience, we attacked our sophomore year with pep and energy.  Barbara Freundserved as co-captain of the Goldenairres.  In the field of art, Steve Davis sold one of his works for an admirable sum.  Our quiz team for the “Exercise in Knowledge” included Paul Hornbeck.
During the summer the Class of ’65 gathered honors.  Sophomore David Poole was our ambassador to France during his two-months stay with the I.U. Honors Program.

1963-64: As Active Juniors, We Gain Stature
Proudly wearing our class rings, we began our junior year with a taste of seniority as eight of our amateur scientists qualified for the science seminar.
Four members of the class authored acts for “ A Knight with the Knights.”  Jo Ann Cradick, Joan Byers, Pete Paulin, and Lois Phillips industriously directed their skits.
In music, Bill Crawford became drum major, and Kit Field and Jan Holly added their voices to the Arlingtones.

Joan Buchanan and Dan Meek were reigning royalty at the Junior Prom.  Kathy Clark, Barbara Freund, Wanda Knoll and Karen Thomsen made up the Queen’s Court while Mike Neal, Bud Kisselman, Denny Dresser, and Larry Hiner served the king.
We added achievements to our record during the summer months.  Paul Hornbeck traveled to France under the I.U. Honor’s Program.  Rick Musser won a $150 scholarship to I.U. on the merits of his achievements in newswriting during a summer institute.  Ros Stovall attended the national Junior Achievement workshop.  Jerry Grable and Chuck Short participated in a two-day audio-visual program.
Representing us at Boys’ State were Marv Bailey, Phil Dragoo, and Dan Meek.  Pat O’Banyel, Sharon Edwards, Janie Beck, and Janice Brown attended Girls’ State.  Jon Rice, Beverly Hall, Sharon Edwards, and Cynthia Miller enrolled in advanced summer college courses.
Cynthia enrolled in a ten-week course in psychology at Grinnell University in Iowa where she initiated a project which captured a first in Indiana’s regional science fair.  Having won first place honors the year before, Cynthia became the first two-time winner in the fair’s history.


1964-65:  Academically, Seniors Shine as Loyal Golden Knights
In the fall of ’64 Bill Crawford was elected senior class president;  Sharon Edwards, vice-president; Janice Brown, secretary; Phil Dragoo, treasurer; and Wanda Knoil, alumni secretary.
Under the leadership of President Bud Kisselman, the State Student Council Convention was held at Arlington.  Vice-president Mike Neal, Secretary Barbara Freund, and Treasurer Bill Crawford also officiated at the Convention which was attended by 1450 state Student Council members.
Reporting and recording the year for their classmates, LANCER reporters rushed to meet deadlines under the direction of editor-in-chief Sharon Edwards. Headed by co-editor Nickie Fleener and Janet Shumway, the ACCOLADE became a reality by June.
Honor Society members sponsored the only dance of the fall semester and conducted meetings with officers Mike Neal, president;  Doug Schmidt, vice-president; Jayme Sickert, treasurer; and Janice Brown, secretary.
Campaigning under the direction of Nationalist Chairman Janie Beck and Federalist ChairmanJim Martin, seniors experienced the excitement of an election.  Rick Musser was elected Governor of the State of Arlington with Lieutenant Governor Dave Watson, Secretary of StateRos Stovall, Treasurer Wanda Knoll, Attorney General Bryan Ribbens, and Auditor Jenny Adams

Captained by Bryan Ribbens, our senior debaters, Hal Moore, Don Payne, and Chuck Waggoner gained high honors and captured the Marion County crown.
Our Homecoming Queen, Barbara Freund reigned at the halftime of the Carmel football game.  In her court were Joan Buchanan, Linda Hamilton, Sue Kruchten and Karen Thomsen.
In Arlington’s first musical production, “Music Man,” seniors Kit Field, Linda Millard, and Hal Moore played leading roles.  Patti Hurst starred as Mollie in the senior class play, “Take Her, She’s Mine.”  Phil Dragoo, Kit Field, Ginny Major, Hal Moore, and Ric Snow were featured in supporting parts.
Wanda Knoll, our only senior cheerleader, served as chairman of the “Knight Train to Talent,” where ACCOLADE subscribers voted Bud Kisselman and Wanda as Knight ‘n Gale.
Mike Blackburn, Phil Dragoo and Winkle Sue Williams were semifinalists in the National Merit Scholarship competition.  Phil also won a top award for creative writing from the National Council of Teachers of English.
Barb Biggs returned for her fourth year to the all-city orchestra and was featured with a French Horn solo.
Receiving gold keys for outstanding journalism from the national chapter of Quill and Scroll wereSteve Dickhaus, Sharon Edwards, and Rick Musser.
Ginny Major served as head twirler and Arlington’s Golden Girl marching with the band in parades and at games and performing at special events.
Jim Collins received the Bausch and Lomb Honorary Science Award for Outstanding Achievement in Science.
Paul Hornbeck and Jim Sellers received perfect 800 scores in Frech and math, respectively, on the college board tests while Sharon Edwards maintained her valedictorian position with a 7.950 average.
From the Student Council’s Student Leader of the Week Project, Bud Kisselman was cited as Leader of Leaders and All-School Citizen during a SQweek auditorium.  Jim Lentz was also chosen by his classmates to receive the award for outstanding sportsmanship.
Donning caps and gowns, the Class of ’65 reviews four “golden” years with a quiet pride of accomplishment and a bright hope for the future.



Athletes Reach Maturity, Strive for State Records
(originally written in 1965 by Bill Crawford)
Leaving its mark in the field of athletics, the Class of -65 excelled in competition and sportsmanship. 
Leading Arlington’s best cross-country team, senior Bill Bell consistently placed toward the top, coming in sixth at the City and fourth in the sectional.
Seniors dominated the 1964 football team.  Topped by senior Jack Clarke, the gridmen faced a rugged schedule in racking up a 2-8 record.
The backfield was generaled by Steve Estabrook and Jim Lentz who were protected by two senior tackles, Roger Whann and Jim Arbuckle.  The defense was led by gridmen Dan Meek, Bud Kisselman and Stew DeVane.  Other senior football letter winners were Mike Miley, Larry Hiner, Ron Miller and Joe Cales.
Also facing rough competition, the hoopmen gained a 10-12 mark, driven by the skill and spirit of seniors Mike Neal, Bud Kisselman, Dan Meek, Bill Fair, Alan Eiler, and Jon Peterson.  Senior members led the team in Arlington’s first city tourney and sectional wins, both over Chatard.
Garnering Arlington’s first state championship in any sport, Coach Jim Ellis’ grapplers lost only one dual meet during the year.  They gained championships in the city meet, the sectionals, and the regional’s as well as overpowering the opposition with eight qualifiers for the state finals.
Senior Ron Causey was Arlington’s lone state champion, also placing first in the city, sectionals, and regionals.  Other senior wrestlers were Jim Lentz, Jack Clarke, Jim Sulver, Steve Holdaway, Mike Miller, Ron Miller. Terry Turner, Jim Arbuckle, and Roger Whann.  Lentzand Clarke were both runners-up in the state and champions in the city, sectional and regional.
Knight trackmen were led by sixty-foot shot putter Jim Arbuckle.  Arbuckle set a school and county mark as he became only the second high school shot putter in Indiana history to top the sixty foot mark. Other senior trackmen were broad jumper Bud Kisselman, school record holder Bill Bell in the 880 yard run, and Dave Watson and Mike Hackler.
Seniors also dominated the baseball diamond.  Jim Lentz, Mike Light, Mike Neal, and Scott Evans comprised the pitching staff.  Power at the plate came from seniors Stew DeVane, Steve Estabrook, and Jack Dickey, while the field was well-covered by Bob Harmas, Jon Peterson,and Mike Brodsky.
One of the top city powers, Arlington’s racquet squad was paced by veteran’s Bob Loveman, Jim Martin, and Nick Gersdorff. 
On the golf course, Bob Lorton, Mike Curran and Tom Theurbach guided the team to another highly-profitable year.
As school draws to a close, another Arlington first – the first four year class – will long be remembered in the world of sports.   


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